॥यतो धर्मस्ततो जयः॥

Process for empanelment of Advocates on the Panel of Advocates
The National Legal Services Authority (Free and Competent Legal Services) Regulations, 2010 under Regulation 2 (eb) lays down that, "Panel Lawyer means a legal practitioner empaneled as a Panel lawyer under regulation 8. The said Regulations further provide that, no legal practitioner having less than three years' experience at the Bar shall ordinarily be empaneled. In extraordinary circumstances an application of an advocate having less than three years' experience at the Bar may be considered by the Hon'ble Chairman of SCLSC.
The Chairman of the SCLSC shall take into consideration the competency, integrity, suitability and experience of lawyers for the empanelment.
There may be separate panels of advocates for civil, criminal, constitutional, matrimonial, environmental, labour law etc. The Secretary may in his discretion assign a case to a panel lawyer of a subject matter other than for which he has been empaneled.
Upon directions of the Hon'ble Chairman of SCLSC from time to time, SCLSC shall invite applications form Legal Practitioners for their empanelment as panel lawyers and the same shall be scrutinized under a process duly set by SCLSC.

# Advocate Name eMail
1 Mr. A. Vinayagam Balan
2 Mr. Aftab Ali Khan
3 Mr. Anish Kumar Gupta
4 Mrs. Anjani Aiyagari
5 Mr. Anurag Pandey
6 Mrs. Aparna Jha
7 Mr. Ardhendumauli Kumar Prasad
8 Mrs. Asha Gopalan Nair
9 Mr. Avinash Kumar Lakhanpal
10 Mr. B. Sridhar
11 Mr. Bharat Bhushan Jain
12 Mrs. Bharti Tyagi
13 Mr. Brij Bhushan
15 Mr. Deepak Goel
16 Mr. Dushyant Parashar
17 Mr. Gaurav Agrawal
18 Mr. Harinder Mohan Singh
19 Mrs. K. Sarada Devi
20 Dr. K.B. Sounder Rajan
21 Mr. Krishna Pal Singh
22 Mrs. Manjeet Chawla
23 Mr. Md. Irshad Hanif
24 Mr. Md. Shahid Anwar
25 Mrs. Minakshi Vij
26 Mr. Mithilesh Kumar Singh
27 Mrs. N. Annapoorni
29 Mr. Naresh Kumar
30 Dr. Nirmal Chopra
31 Mr. O.P. Gaggar
32 Mr. Pahlad Singh Sharma
33 Mr. Parmanand Gaur
34 Mr. Partha Sil
35 Ms. Prachi Bajpai
36 Mr. Praveen Chaturvedi
37 Mr. Purvish Jitendra Malkhan
38 Mr. R. Nedumaran
39 Mr. Radhey Shyam Jena
40 Mr. Rajeev Kumar Bansal
41 Mr. Ram Lal Roy
42 Mr. Rana Ranjit Singh
43 Mr. Ranbir Singh Yadav
44 Mr. Ratan Kumar Choudhuri
45 Mrs. Revathy Raghavan
46 Mrs. Richa Kapoor
47 Mr. Rupesh Kumar
48 Mr. S. Mahendran
49 Mrs. S. Ramamani
50 Mrs. Sangeeta Kumar
51 Mrs. Shalu Sharma
52 Mr. Subhasish Bhowmick
53 Mr. Sunil Kumar Verma
54 Mr. Surya Kant
55 Dr. Sushil Balwada
56 Mrs. Susmita Lal
57 Mr. T. Mahipal
58 Ms. Urmila Sirur
59 Mr. Vijay Kumar